About BNG

Networks are not for everyone, nor are they alike. Our networking group prides itself on its members and their dedication to the group and to each other. Since its inception in 2005, the group has maintained consistent weekly meetings without the need for establishing stringent policies and guidelines. Our members get together because of their desire to conduct business in a relaxed, social environment. This not only makes for better networking opportunities, it helps develop relationships. It also places the membership in a much better position to assist visitors, in a more relaxed and welcoming environment, who are perhaps seeking valuable, reliable and dependable resources for their own businesses. Our members also realize that in addition to the responsibility they have for one another, there is also a need to connect with the community. BNG is “a network like no other!”

The purpose of our group is to provide what most companies would like to have as support -- a team that can work together, do business with each other by word of mouth quality referrals, and assist with issues or concerns that affect our businesses. We learn about each others’ business in order to provide quality leads to help grow our businesses.

If you have an existing business, are contemplating a new business, or have just started a business, and are seeking a network that is serious about business and serious about building long term, we hope you will come to our meetings and see if we are a good fit for you. Feel free to check out our links, visit with our members, check out our events. We feel confident that you will agree that Bergen Networking Group is “a network like no other.”
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